So here’s a quick update.

Got the second living area vinyl up and sold. Then gave away the side by side fridge. After the buyer for the stove no showed we decided we will just move it into storage and use it when the renovations are complete!

So with the fridge gone I could pull out the final piece of trim. I have glimmers of hope that there are some salvageable floors under at least part of the flooring.

Floors are now up and out except the kitchen because I have to move the stove and the fridge.

Small surprises of things left behind besides mouse poop… an old empty ink bottle, some vintage glass, an old small cast iron pan with a rooster… the more time I spend there the more I see it as our home… and the more realistic converting the second living area to a kitchen becomes.

Taking painters tape out to measure out things as it would be… I was worried the kitchen would be too small as a bedroom but I think it will be fine and there’s perfect space on the porch area to build in a bathroom not now but in a couple of years. After we recuperate from foundation, electrical, and plumbing.

I’ve been having a time trying to get work positions lined up with one snafu after another! While looking today I see Weatherford College has a full time position available. Calling Monday wish me luck!

Goals for the week, haul off the junk in the back yard. Get help to move the stuff out of the kitchen, take out the last of the vinyl. Get the job situation in hand. Get the line of credit and get everyone lined up!! If time take the extra stuff out off the walls.

Fingers crossed for the week ahead.



ps the photo is the photo studio to be — so light even when it’s pouring down rain

Friday TGIF

Our cooler temps in the mornings and staying below triple digits in the afternoon has helped me get work done on the house. I took a break Wednesday and started packing where I’m living. Thursday was my baby girl’s 22nd birthday and she had the day off so we went and got our toes pedicured!! So Friday was back to the house for more vinyl removal.

When I drove up my neighbors were all out and friendly as can be. Lisa and John and their two boys plus Lisa’s parents. Very helpful. They were having a garage sale. John asked about the washer I’d pulled out of storage but it hasn’t been hauled off yet. I told him it was all his but I doubted it worked. He also took the dryer since I’m cleaning out and trying to get the floors completely out. He connected the refrigerators for me to see if they work. I’ve just listed it. I’ll need the smaller one until Mike and I get to move in. He has a really nice one he’s using.

I took pictures of the two random cabinets and listed them with a response within minutes on Facebook. They came in the afternoon. With those out I can finish getting the vinyl out of the main room.

So I thought you might like a little tour it’s not edited and I ramble and have a spray the garden camera action in places. Everyone who’s looked at the house says what a project but you are going to have a great house when you are done!

Meeting my neighbors and talking to these pros and their encouragement for the town and our neighborhood make me know I made the right choice. The amount of work is overwhelming but it will go quickly once the financing is in place. Waiting on the second electrician bid and planning on one more.

Ok so here’s the video–

One of the unexpected challenges is getting the insurance in place. My insurance came back stating they would insure when repairs completed. Mikes said when foundation was done. I then googled insurance on fixer upper and it said to get a broker. One of my Facebook friends is a broker, so getting with him later this am.

I hope y’all have a beautiful day! Monday I’ll be back at it. Pest guy will be coming out to look at the termites in the she shed. Hoping to finish getting the flooring out and scheduling the haul away.

Til next time–


Slowly but surely

No photos for this but we emptied out the storage units aka man cave and she shed. Removed all the trim at the floor level and about half the vinyl is up.

I got to spend quality time getting to know my future stepson, Gerik. He worked hard and I’m quite impressed with his plans.

I’m interviewing electricians. One hasn’t called me back so I’m going to look for a different third bid.

While cleaning out the shed we found termites. So, pest guy coming out Monday to look at it 3 weeks out to get it treated.

The job I had all lined up isn’t but another facility nearby with the same company has at least 3 days a week. Possibly there will be another building needing 2 days. With the house projects and some family things going on it might be all I need to do for now.

Oh, well you might want to see the rings ? We picked them up last night!

And We celebrated my daughters 22nd birthday today!!

She has asked for a vegan cake! Normally I make them but I didn’t have ingredients and I’m packing up the kitchen! So I went to Cinnaholic in Southlake, Texas. The web write up said “vegan offerings”. When I went in I asked which were the vegan and he said the whole store. I begged off a couple of bites of the Cinnaholic day version and it was very yummy!!! Not a paid statement just sharing what’s great out there!

Until next time!!


Back from vacation

Hi just back from the Ozarks visiting my mom’s family in the NW AR area. Such a beautiful reprieve from triple digit heatwave in N Texas.

My uncle where we stayed is next door to my Grandma’s house. She’s been gone since 1992 but the house in my mind still symbolizes my happy place.

I’m so thrilled to be able to put some of the joy and love I experienced at her house into this one!

Today I’ve managed to take out most of the trim in the front bedroom. I sold the antique furniture that was left — allowing me to get to it.

I went to dollar general as I didn’t have time to run by the hardware store. No paint scrapers there or putty knives but I did think to look for a metal spatula. Between that and the antique fire poker I found — perfect for our redone fire pit– I’ve been able to get quite a bit done…

Getting in sink

So, I got an unfortunate email stating that the closing documents that were overnighted are not going to make until Monday. They were sent Wednesday. I’m beyond frustrated in dealing with the seller and her lack of timeliness and the title company snafus that they didn’t really help with correcting their problems.

I’d really hoped to get in and empty out storage so I could get the moving process started enough where I can have my current place ready to show!

Well, on the upside I did find my sink base! (it’s all about the base about the base)… so I thought I’d post a photo about what I was thinking— it’s great to see it coming together….

The bowl — found through Facebook Marketplace — $20. Yes seriously. The base — Trasn 2 Treasure in Sanger, Texas— she can build whatever you need prices vary. This table was on sale for $50. The expensive part was the faucet $68 on Amazon and that’s not a bad price… about like a builder grade kitchen faucet….

Why do I love this so much??? My happy place was my grandmother’s house in the Ozarks. There was an old smokehouse in the back yard with a rustic table in front where she made sauerkraut, and other farm wife tasks… somewhere I have a photo of her in front of the smokehouse… after I move I hope to find it and frame it!

Hope you like this inspiration!!!

Wednesday Hump Day

Hi– so yesterday I finished up the firepit which is going to look fabulous in our new to us back yard!

Still waiting on the closing papers to arrive from the seller who lives in AK. This has been an amazing journey but one delay after another… we were supposed to close on Monday… three days now gone that I need to be setting up bids etc— but all in good time. It’s been good to have projects to work on.

I thought I’d redo this stool

I found at the ranch — but after pulling off the foam and the outer vinyl …..

I found the chip wood was rotted beneath. I’ve decided I’m getting a jigsaw and cutting the legs to make mini ladders for hand towels or pictures. I’ll chalk paint and distress.

And today instead of sitting around waiting I’m getting much needed chores done –start trashing what I’m not taking and planning my yard sale… lots of cuteness to come.

Hopefully my daughter and I will get a chance to find a lazy river somewhere with temps around 105 or up cool water is the place to be.

Gotta coconut oil me up so I don’t dry out!

Oh and the faucet I ordered came in!! It is going to work perfect for the bowl… now to find the base mike says he has something so we will see!


Day 2 fire pit

So I managed to flip and clean with steel wool. Even in the cooler morning hours things dry fast — this afternoon it will be in 100s!!

And here’s the bottom painted — just the underneath the handles to go!!!

Today I’m planning to go take care of my boat. Get tires on it at least. Then I have the make over a trashed out stool to do and possibly start my farmhouse table redo. I have a great idea for staining the medallions on the chair backs but painting the chairs white. Staining the table top dark and painting the legs white. I’ve shown fiancĂ© sample ideas from Pinterest and he liked the dark wood tops…. so that may take the better part of the week in bits and pieces because painting is waiting for stuff to dry!!! Ok I better finish this up– can’t wait til fall with hot chocolate and marshmallows at the fire !!!